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2008 ATRF papers

ATRF papers presented in 2008

  • Aftabuzzaman, Currie, Sarvi—Evaluating the congestion reduction impacts of public transport - a comparative assessment [PDFPDF: 191 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Alford, Whiteman—Macro-urban form and transport energy outcomes - investigations for Melbourne [PDFPDF: 246 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Anson, Giannakodakis—Understanding decision-makers' attitudes to local road freight [PDFPDF: 323 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Bachok, Yue, Zito—Real-time information provisions towards more integrated rail-bus systems [PDFPDF: 170 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Bauman, Rissel, Garrard, Ker, Spiedel, Fishman—Cycling: getting Australia moving - barriers, facilitators and interventions to get more Australians physically active through cycling [PDFPDF: 694 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Brooker, Moore—Recent developments in rail travel demand and transit oriented development [PDFPDF: 1647 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Cavagnoli, Norman—Pricing the travel time of business woman [PDFPDF: 195 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Chung—Private provision of transport infrastructure in New South Wales [PDFPDF: 173 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Cosgrove—Long-term emission trends for Australian transport [PDFPDF: 300 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Coxon, Burns, De Bono—Can the design of effective public space inform the experience of public transport? [PDFPDF: 247 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Davis, Bunker—Larger air lines in heavy vehicle suspensions - wheel and air spring forces [PDFPDF: 823 KB] [docReader icon]
  • De Alwis, Clements, Rose—Pursuing mutual recognition for bus and coach operator accreditation [PDFPDF: 106 KB] [docReader icon]
  • de Silva, Risbey, McEvoy, Mallett—Probability based estimation of human productivity losses from road fatalities [PDFPDF: 200 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Dia, Gondwe—Evaluation of incident impacts on integrated motorway and arterial networks [PDFPDF: 467 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Doust, Parolin—Performance metrics for sustainable urban transport [PDFPDF: 1368 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Gaffney, Bunker—A review of the roles being played by governments in road provision in Australia [PDFPDF: 323 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Gargett, Hossain—Road freight estimates by state and territory [PDFPDF: 534 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Gwee, Currie, Stanley—Evaluating urban railway development projects [PDFPDF: 221 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Hale, Charles—Visions for a sustainable transport future: Singapore, Vienna and Brisbane [PDFPDF: 593 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Hay—International comparison of road transport infrastructure investment [PDFPDF: 99 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Holyoak—Departure time choice for the car-based commute [PDFPDF: 234 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Iankov, Zito—Designing emissions trading scheme for the transport sector [PDFPDF: 57 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Jaiswal, Bunker, Ferreira—Relating bus dwell time and platform crowding at a busway station [PDFPDF: 169 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Johnson, Currie, Stanley—Drivers of disadvantaqge and prosperity - is car ownership a good indicator [PDFPDF: 155 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Kazalac, Ramsay , Morris—Workforce planning issues in the freight industry [PDFPDF: 794 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Longworth—Agglomeration externalities - a missing piece of the project appraisal puzzle [PDFPDF: 225 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Lubulwa, Bolin, Slatter, Carmody—Container and ship movement through Australian ports [PDFPDF: 1310 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Mazloumi, Currie, Rose—Causes of travel time unreliability - a Melbourne case study [PDFPDF: 143 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Moridpour, Sarvi, Rose, Ramsay—Variables influencing lane changing behaviour of heavy vehicles [PDFPDF: 173 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Muley, Bunker, Ferreira—Conducting a visitor travel survey for a transit-oriented-development [PDFPDF: 386 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Rose, Symmons—Testing EcoDriver training in Australian conditions [PDFPDF: 321 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Rowland, Davey, Wishart, Freeman—Influence of road safety on taxi organisational economic stability [PDFPDF: 91 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Rowland, Davey, Freeman, Wishart—Perceptions of work-related road safety - safety versus savings[PDFPDF: 96 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Shiwakoti, Sarvi, Rose—Modelling pedestraian behaviour under emergency conditions - State-of-the-art and future directions [PDFPDF: 477 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Somenahlli—finding a bicycle route that offers high level of service in Adelaide [PDFPDF: 617 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Sullivan, Percy—Evaluating changes associated with workplace and school travel plans [PDFPDF: 193 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Susilawati, Taylor—An accessibility approach in assessing regional road network vulnerability [PDFPDF: 2072 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Taumoepeau, Kissling—Economic sustainability of airlines in the South Pacific [PDFPDF: 186 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Tsolakis, Naude, Evans—Road transport planning in Australasia [PDFPDF: 222 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Wilson—Sustainable freight transport systems for Melbourne - how many freight terminals? [PDFPDF: 390 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Xu, Woods, Smith, Benham—Measuring the effectiveness of strategic transport policy packages [PDFPDF: 1491 KB] [docReader icon]
  • Yaldi, Yue, Syofyan—Finding alternative ways of minimising local problems in micro simulation software [PDFPDF: 186 KB] [docReader icon]

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