Australasian Transport Research Forum

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1978 ATRF papers

ATRF papers presented in 1978

  • Aplin, Hirsch—The National Travel Survey 1977-78: Some Preliminary Results PDF: 1926 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Atack, Keal, Starrs—The Costing of Bus Services in Adelaide PDF: 408 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Bettison, Donovan, Wildermuth—Estimating the Potential for Marketing Urban Public Transport PDF: 1373 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Cox, Searles—The Consequences of an Experimental Solution to a Transport Problem: Priority Lanes PDF: 570 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dick—Small Scale Urban Public Transport: Lessons from the Indonesian Experience? PDF: 709 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Docwra, Kolsen—Taxes and Subsidies in Transport: Some Unsettled Issues PDF: 1047 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Forsyth, Hocking—Optimal Airline Fares PDF: 800 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Haddy, McAndrew—Operational Initiatives in Air Transport PDF: 1188 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hallam, Dimitric—Extended Clearways: The Issues PDF: 917 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Huggett, McLean—Methodology in Airport Studies and the Guidance to Decision Makers PDF: 394 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Jefferson, Walsh, Gibberd, Scott—Forecasting the Effects of Changes in the Workplace Locations on Residential Development and Trip Generation PDF: 749 KB ReadSpeaker
  • MacLean, Segal—Multiple Hire Alternatives for Australian Taxi Cabs PDF: 1212 KB ReadSpeaker
  • McKenzie, Richardson—Mode and Route Changing Associated with the Spit Road Transit Lane PDF: 1501 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Mills—Depot Location PDF: 255 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Morris, Dumble, Wigan—Accessibility Indicators for Transport Planning PDF: 1232 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Rochfort—Public Responsibility for the Private Sector of Transport PDF: 914 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Russell, Walker—Interstate Rail Passenger Services: Analysis and Resolution of Problems PDF: 1039 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Sayers—Optimisation in the Transport Sector: A Much Neglected Objective PDF: 374 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Skinner, Symons—Outdoor Recreation Demand Modelling PDF: 1115 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Starkie—Is Modal Choice Modelling Becoming Obsolete PDF: 338 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Starrs, McKenna—The Purity of Transport Research PDF: 777 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Steeper—Economic Theory and Pragmatism in Transport Pricing Decisions PDF: 855 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Swan, Jordan, Dellar—How the Operator Applies the Concepts of Corporate Planning in Westrail PDF: 320 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Taylor—Traffic Distribution in a Residential Cell: A Case Study PDF: 1032 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Usher—Possibilities for Demand Responsive Bus Operation in Outer Suburbs PDF: 672 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Young, Richardson—Residential Preference: A Perceptual View of Melbourne PDF: 1917 KB ReadSpeaker

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