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1988 ATRF papers

ATRF papers presented in 1988

  • Balcombe—Bus Deregulation in Great Britain: A Review of the First Eighteen Months PDF: 1321 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Bannister, Hartnett—If Gold is where you find it PDF: 2106 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Baxter, Gammie—Review of New Zealand Passenger Licensing System PDF: 884 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Bell, Starrs—Research on Urban Transport Subsidies in New Zealand PDF: 531 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Black, Blunden—On the Economic Evaluation of Private—Public Sector Transport Projects PDF: 436 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Chow—Reform of Trucking Regulation in Canada PDF: 771 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Christopherson—Defence and Deregulation: A Study in Incompatibility? PDF: 867 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Clark—Highway Robbery? An Examination of remaining Government Services and Service Charges in the New Zealand Land Transport System PDF: 984 KB ReadSpeaker
  • D'Este—Structuring the Big Decision PDF: 1123 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Docwra—Australian Federalism PDF: 967 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dudgeon—Just Another Government Bus Service? PDF: 1099 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Elder—Economic Deregulation of Aviation: The Australian Approach PDF: 1284 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Evans—Interpreting Local Bus Competition in Britain PDF: 370 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Gautier—Airport Companies: Responsibilities and Obligations—A User's View PDF: 954 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Gollin, Taylor—Airport Companies in New Zealand—Problems and Prospects PDF: 838 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hack, Grigg—Private Sector Participation in the Development of Public Works: Issues and Guidelines PDF: 639 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Henderson—The Effect of Privatisation and Transport for people with Disabilities in New Zealand PDF: 519 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher—ATRF: Where PDF: 791 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher, Beesley—Contracts Competitive Bidding and Market Forces: Recent Experience in the Supply of Local Bus Services PDF: 636 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Jones—The Impacts of Corporatisation and Deregulation of Inland Transport on Engineering Maintenance of New Zealand Railways PDF: 738 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Kane, Fernandez—Transport Deregulation: Some Impacts on Queensland Railways PDF: 1370 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Kilvington, Russell—The Changes from Public Sector Operators to Commercial Profit Making PDF: 1367 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Kunz, Shiel—Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Rail Ownership on Performance PDF: 550 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Loveday, Morris—Privatisation opportunities for New South Wales Main Roads PDF: 585 KB ReadSpeaker
  • McQueen—Restructuring of the New Zealand Railways: The Organisational and Cultural Impact PDF: 788 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Michael—The Price of Government Participation in the Australian Transport Sector PDF: 1925 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Morgan—Turnaround Opportunities in a Deregulated and Corporatised New Zealand Port Scene PDF: 1444 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Perrins—The Withdrawal of Urban Bus Service in Tauranga PDF: 773 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Rimmer—The Triad in East and Southeast Asian Transport: Corporatisation PDF: 1103 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Sayers—Regulation and Privatisation in the Australian Waterfront Industry PDF: 1356 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Scott—The Deregulation of Safety: A Critical Review PDF: 998 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Stephens, Nolan—Privatisation: A Wider Perspective PDF: 799 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Stopher—Privatisation of Urban Mass Transport: A Dissenting Viewpoint PDF: 560 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Streeting—Implications of Regulatory Change in Intrastate Aviation PDF: 1278 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Tinniswood—Self Regulation—An Alternative Option to Deregulation PDF: 496 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Turner—Deregulation—Problems and Prospects for the Private Bus Industry in Queensland PDF: 736 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Wallis—Urban Public Transport Performance: Some New Zealand Findings put into Context PDF: 588 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ward—A New Beast on the New Zealand Waterfront: Port Companies PDF: 1432 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Webb—The Trial Deregulation of Intrastate Bus Services Between Canberra and Sydney: Some Consumer Benefits PDF: 891 KB ReadSpeaker

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