Australasian Transport Research Forum

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1991 ATRF papers

ATRF papers presented in 1991

  • Amos, Starrs, Kang—Structural Reform in the Australian Transport Industry PDF: 558 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ampt, Kennedy—The impact of Busplan in South-West Sydney 1990-1991 PDF: 560 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Batterham, Ockwell—A Spatial Equilibrium and Investment Analysis of Road and Rail Freight Transport in the Sydney-Melbourne Corridor PDF: 593 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Black, Vandebona—Research into Traffic Models for the Economic Evaluation of Private Sector Toll Roads and Tunnel Proposals in New South Wales PDF: 825 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Brewer—Meeting Users Needs through Business Planning PDF: 700 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Finch—Replacing the Abel TasmanPDF: 423 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Cosgrove, Cuthbertson, Ironfield—Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Australian Transport PDF: 692 KB ReadSpeaker
  • D'Este—Meeting User Needs in Transport Modeling—Some Personal ObservationsPDF: 517 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Harvey, Tsolakis—TASRAIL—A Cost-Benefit Assessment of Options PDF: 591 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Henchy, Smith—Assessing the Impact of Deregulation on the Domestic Aviation Industry PDF: 614 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher, Gee, Battellino—The use of Discrete Choice Models in the determination of Community Choices towards Sub-Arterial Traffic Management Schemes PDF: 567 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hooper—The Performance of Ocean Cruising in Australia and Future Prospects PDF: 1085 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Kelso—Fuel Efficiency of Ships and Aircraft PDF: 623 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Lengyel—ABS Transport Statistics: Current Activities and Future Directions PDF: 855 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Luk, Lam—The Monitoring of Intersection turning flows in the Gold Coast Area PDF: 737 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Martin—Australian Road Track Cost Allocation PDF: 398 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Mills—The Proposed Privatisation of the Moomba-Sydney Natural Gas Pipeline PDF: 790 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Moore, Hughes—User Initiated Research into Traffic Accident Frequency ay Signalised Intersections PDF: 674 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Philipson, Scrafton, Tisato—Road Cost Recovery: A Second Order Issue PDF: 452 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Scanlan, Cantwell—Restructuring Queensland Railways to focus on the Customer PDF: 785 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Skene—Transport and Greenhouse—Do the Users Know What They Want? PDF: 793 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Stephens—Do Modernist Researchers know what Post Modern Users want? PDF: 689 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Taylor, Chambers, Young—The development of CENCIMM Parking Policy Model: Research to Meet a User's Need PDF: 807 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Wadhwa, Handy—Identification and Evaluation of Engineering Solutions for Accident Reduction in North Queensland PDF: 829 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Wallis—Competitive Tendering in New Zealand: Evolving Policies and Experience PDF: 1462 KB ReadSpeaker

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