Australasian Transport Research Forum

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1992 ATRF papers

ATRF papers presented in 1992

  • Althinoglu, Smith—Approaching a Dynamic Urban Transit Demand Model for Sydney PDF: 622 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Amoako, Ebrahim, Parakei—An Economic Analysis of the Provision of Rural Access Roads in Papua New Guinea PDF: 292 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ampt—Quality and Cost Effectiveness in recording a 24-Hour Travel Diary PDF: 415 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Anderson, Jepson—Increasing Car Occupancy Levels: 3 for free parking in Canberra PDF: 682 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Andreassen—Some Aspects of the Australian Road Research Board's Accident Costs Study PDF: 466 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Asman, Murtough, Chippindale—Road Transport Reforms: Implications for Rural and Remote Areas PDF: 759 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Baxter, Davis—Passenger Transport Deregulation in New Zealand and the Emergence of the Bus-Taxi PDF: 724 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Chambers, Ker—A Treatise on Ostriches PDF: 607 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Chambers, Taylor—A New Modelling Paradigm for Strategic Planning PDF: 583 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Christopherson—An Analysis of Australian Port Pricing Policy with Particular Reference to the Australian Automotive Industry PDF: 361 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Clarke—Qantas versus the Industry Commission: Optimal Tariffs or X-Inefficiency? PDF: 748 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Cosgrove, Gargett—The Australian Domestic Transport Task PDF: 568 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Crooks—International Aviation: Pressures for Change PDF: 848 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Crouch, Currie, Wallis—Computer Assisted Public Transport Network Planning - An Operator Perspective PDF: 628 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Currie, Wallis—Determining Priorities for Passenger Transport Funding: the Needs Assessment Approach PDF: 360 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Cuthbertson, Kelso, Thomas—Alternative Transport Fuels PDF: 611 KB ReadSpeaker
  • De Silva—How to make Cost-Axiomatic Pricing work in the Real World of Transport Management PDF: 351 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dess, Lubulwa, Dermody, Waszczeniuk—The Costing and Cost of Transport Externalities PDF: 363 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Evans—Transport and Greenhouse: What Won't Work and What Might Work? PDF: 581 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ferreira, Kozan—Intermodal Terminals PDF: 243 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Forsyth—Transport Deregulation in Australia: An Interpretation in Terms of Public Interest and Private Interest Theories PDF: 741 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Gentle, Carlson—Issues in Inter-Modal Transport PDF: 437 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Guria—Valuation of the Loss of Life Quality due to Non-Fatal Traffic Injuries PDF: 331 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Gu, Haines, Young—Transport Games: The Need to Update Our View of Transport Models PDF: 680 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Harvey—The Cost of Community Service Obligations in Roads PDF: 537 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hassall—A Method for Scoring Urban Freeway Performance PDF: 229 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Henchy, Swanton—International Aviation Forecasting Models PDF: 353 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher (A)—Urban Transport Directions: Challenges for Future Research PDF: 363 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher (B)—Integrating Revealed Preference and Stated Response Data into a Jointly Estimated Hierarchical Discrete Choice Model PDF: 242 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hensher, Daniels, DeMellow—A Comparative Assessment of the Productivity of Australia's Rail System 1971/72 to 1990/91 PDF: 588 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hooper—Selling Travel as Part of a Package: Implications for Transport Research PDF: 472 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Hughes—On the Buses in Canberra: Public Transport in Spacious City PDF: 472 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Iskandar, Dunne—Analysis of Traffic Crash Data using Statistical Quality Control PDF: 335 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Itorralba, Balce—The 1991 Sydney Home Interview Survey Preliminary Results: Implications for Modelling PDF: 806 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Kilsby, Prince, Stewart—Is Sketch Modelling of Any Practical Value in Transport Development? PDF: 770 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Laird—Energy Use in Australian Land Freight Transport PDF: 477 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Maldonado, Akers—1991/92 Commercial Vehicle Survey: A Presentation and Discussion of the Survey Methodology PDF: 565 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Mills—The Third Runaway PDF: 780 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Milthorpe—Allocating Fixed Costs in Cost Models PDF: 491 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Moriarty, Beed—Explanation of Personal Travel Increases in Australian Cities PDF: 529 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Naughten, Beck, Bowen—Energy Market Failure in the Road Transport Sector: Is there scope for 'No Regrets' Greenhouse Gas Reduction? PDF: 456 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ngo, Vandebona—An Expert System Approach for the Selection of Land Use/Transport Planning Models PDF: 585 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Nyathi—Developments in International Civil Aviation: What are Southern Africa's Strategic Options PDF: 900 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Otway, Ferreira—Rail Freight Profitability: A Case Study PDF: 266 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Peachman—Design and Methodology of 1991/92 Household Interview Survey PDF: 533 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Raimond, Parolin—Effects of Rural Public Transport Rationalisation in rural New South Wales: A Case Study of the Inverell-Tamworth Bus Route PDF: 631 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Rimmer, Dick—Synthesising Australia: National Integration in a Dynamic Asia-Pacific Economy PDF: 734 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Scotland—Managing the Defence Transport Task PDF: 595 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Smith—LITRES: A Proposal for an Application of Information Technology to Urban Commuting PDF: 648 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Smith, Street—Estimating the Net Welfare Gains from Australian Domestic Aviation Reforms PDF: 555 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Stanford—Competitive Tendering and Bus Services in Adelaide PDF: 447 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Taylor—Modelling Environmental Impacts of Road Traffic for Transport Network Analysis PDF: 829 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Waters—Values of Travel Time Savings Used in Road Project Evaluation: A Cross Country/Jurisdiction Comparison PDF: 573 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Yeomans—Geocoding Survey Address Information PDF: 804 KB ReadSpeaker

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